Tuesday, February 19, 2013

International Commedia dell'Arte Conference in Windsor, Canada!

Gian Giacomo Colli, Kate and Olly Crick
Managing Director Kate Meehan, Artistic Director Aaron Johnson, and Company Member Giangiacomo Colli braved "international" travel and trekked up to Windsor, Canada for an International Commedia dell'Arte conference.  While there we took workshops with some of the world's most famous and infamous Commedia dell'Arte practitioners, sat in on a number of fantastic lectures, found the bottom of a number of decent bottles of wine and made lots of beautiful new friends.  

Aaron did his best to live tweet the event, and there are loads of wonderful pictures of international maestri now (at least temporarily) housed on our terribly under utilized Twitter Feed.  For now, we'll leave you with this:
Antonio Fava, Giangiacomo Colli, John Rudlin (skulking in the background), and Carlo Boso